Photovoltaic System

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What is Photovoltaic System?

Photovoltaic System is an eco-friendly and semi-permanent energy solution system producing electricity using solar energy accumulated through widely spreading panels with solar cells attached.
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Features of Photovoltaic System

Energy source from nature
Easy maintenance
Power Generation of the right amount for the right place


Processes for Constructing Photovoltaic Systems

There will be differences according to the purpose of electricity use but the followings are the general structure.


Solar energy process



Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System

With a grid connected photovoltaic system, it is possible to use solar energy through linking a power grid and a photovoltaic system and to sell the surplus power to electric power companies. In consequence, profits can be generated by selling power. Electric charges can be reduced, facilitating the economical use of power.


Building Integrated Photovoltaic System

A building integrated photovoltaic system is designed to produce electric energy using cell panels on outer walls of buildings. As solar modules transferred to construction materials are used for building outer walls, roofs and windows of buildings, separate installation space isn't needed and environment-friendly buildings allowing efficient energy management can be constructed.